Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry

Amy added a hand quilting category to her Blogger’s Quilt Festival at the request of various outspoken members of the Celebrate Hand Quilting Facebook group. I was one of the outspoken members and really appreciate her gracious response.

Unfortunately, I don’t machine or hand quilt my quilts. Not yet anyway. I “button quilt.” Button quilting is a method of “tying off” a quilt by using buttons rather than yarn or ribbon. I have been making quilts for two decades using this method and am only this year about to begin my first hand quilted throw.

Having basically begged for our group’s inclusion in the festival, I feel obligated to enter. I am a bit embarrassed to do so since there are some truly lovely, professional level quilts being submitted. But I’m doing my part so be kind to a rank amateur.

This quilt was made for my sister. She is a wonderfully accomplished quilter and it was a bit intimidating. I tried to think of a quilt design that was all “mine” and instantly thought of my series of Tree of Thanks quilts. I have made a variety of quilts over the years using the basic design. The design is based on a Girl Scout troop craft we completed using construction paper for Thanksgiving. We drew a tree trunk on a poster board, cut leaves out of construction paper and guests at the Thanksgiving table wrote things they were thankful for on each leaf and then glued the leaves to the tree trunk.

The tree and leaves were created using flexible web (Wonder Under is my favorite brand). The edges were each sewn down and the leaves’ borders were then hand embroidered. The quilt top was pieced together by hand. The binding was made by folding over the backing and sewing it down. The entire quilt was then “button quilted” with cute little leaf shaped buttons. Everything was done by hand. I am entering this into the Applique Quilt Category.

I hope the fact that I am willing to put my work out there will encourage others to do so. Let’s have some fun, even if we don’t expect to win anything!

Susan Sallee Quilt


10 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry

  1. Sweet quilt – I’m sure your sister loves it! So, we’ll be looking for that hand quilted throw in next year’s Festival, OK? So glad you entered this year’s festivities.

    • I hope there is always a place for both machine and hand quilting. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words.

  2. You belong in this festival just as much as all the other entrants! I’ve never heard of button quilting, but what a fun way to tie a quilt. Your tree and leaves are fab!

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