Repeat After Me: Wonky is Good

Finally got the center piece, the Modern Medalion, done on the current quilt. The beauty of this pattern is that it is intentionally wonky, so that when you are unintentionally wonky, you can pass it off and smile. I’m smiling.

The colors are pretty and next up is the Plain Jane border and then some drunken geese. I INTEND my drunken geese to be quite confused in their formation. A couple other quilts in our quilt along have done fantastic examples of that – geese going in different directions, off center, etc… It looks fantastic so I want to do something similar.

Wish me luck as I continue my journey!




Getting Started on My Modern Medallion in the Quilt Along

After a few delays, I have finished 1/4 of the center piece for the quilt I have just begun. This promises to be a learning experience but a fun journey.

Information on the Quilt Along is available on the Two Little Aussie Birds blog.

I am using quilters muslin for hand piecing this section, as recommended by the quilt pattern designer. It is working great – any inaccuracies are absolutely on the part of the quilter, not the materials. I have made a slight mistake on one side there – you will notice it right away. As Tim Gunn recommends, I will make it work. The colors are a bit new for me, trying something different. There are a number of “low volume” fabrics incorporated into the design, as suggested by the quilt designer. Definitely going out on a limb with this one but I think it will pay off.

I will keep the blog updated on my progress. I am not going to give a tutorial on my “method” as I am in the acute learning phase myself here. 🙂

Here it begins:

1/4 of Center Block

New Project Planning: Modern Medallion Quilt Pattern

I had a quilt in mind for my first hand quilting attempt. Then I caught sight of a quilt that I instantly fell in love with and have to do. A group on Facebook is doing the quilt pattern together, which is a new way of work for me and promises to be great fun. Here is the pattern:

Originally I was going to pull from my stash but after consulting with my husband on colors (the quilt is intended for our family room), I found myself ordering fabric online. Now the waiting game: where in the world is my quilting fabric? No worries, it will be here soon. The quilt designer recommended that a certain amount of the fabrics use be low volume. That is a little unusual for me, which led to the Internet searches for low volume fabric.

As I wait for the fabric to magically appear on my doorstep, I will go back to planning the next quilt – the concept is a “people, places and things we love.”

I will keep the blog updated as I go along.

Graduation Gift Quilt Finished! Break out the …. Starbucks?

Yesterday the final button was sewn on the graduation gift quilt I have been working on for a couple months. The quilt is hand pieced and button quilted. I ran it through my washer (gentle) and dryer (clothes setting) and it did get a little bit of that vintage quilt wrinkle that I like so much. My quilts aren’t show quilts – they are meant to be cuddled up with and washed occasionally.

My next post will be about the quilt I will be starting soon. I fell in love with a pattern, joined a FB group that is going to complete the pattern together as a challenge, and am eager to begin choosing fabrics. The quilt that I had planned to go with next is still in the planning stage – it hasn’t been bumped, just delayed. I may end up working a bit on both of these off and on. The original quilt I was going to do next will be good for travel so I think I will be working on it on vacation in July.

2014-05-31 18.26.26

Close up of one section of the quilt

2014-05-31 18.26.11

Completed quilt. All buttons sewn, laundered, and ready to be gifted.

Labels are important!

Labels are important!