Graduation Gift Quilt Finished! Break out the …. Starbucks?

Yesterday the final button was sewn on the graduation gift quilt I have been working on for a couple months. The quilt is hand pieced and button quilted. I ran it through my washer (gentle) and dryer (clothes setting) and it did get a little bit of that vintage quilt wrinkle that I like so much. My quilts aren’t show quilts – they are meant to be cuddled up with and washed occasionally.

My next post will be about the quilt I will be starting soon. I fell in love with a pattern, joined a FB group that is going to complete the pattern together as a challenge, and am eager to begin choosing fabrics. The quilt that I had planned to go with next is still in the planning stage – it hasn’t been bumped, just delayed. I may end up working a bit on both of these off and on. The original quilt I was going to do next will be good for travel so I think I will be working on it on vacation in July.

2014-05-31 18.26.26

Close up of one section of the quilt

2014-05-31 18.26.11

Completed quilt. All buttons sewn, laundered, and ready to be gifted.

Labels are important!

Labels are important!


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