Getting Started on My Modern Medallion in the Quilt Along

After a few delays, I have finished 1/4 of the center piece for the quilt I have just begun. This promises to be a learning experience but a fun journey.

Information on the Quilt Along is available on the Two Little Aussie Birds blog.

I am using quilters muslin for hand piecing this section, as recommended by the quilt pattern designer. It is working great – any inaccuracies are absolutely on the part of the quilter, not the materials. I have made a slight mistake on one side there – you will notice it right away. As Tim Gunn recommends, I will make it work. The colors are a bit new for me, trying something different. There are a number of “low volume” fabrics incorporated into the design, as suggested by the quilt designer. Definitely going out on a limb with this one but I think it will pay off.

I will keep the blog updated on my progress. I am not going to give a tutorial on my “method” as I am in the acute learning phase myself here. 🙂

Here it begins:

1/4 of Center Block


4 thoughts on “Getting Started on My Modern Medallion in the Quilt Along

    • Thanks so much! It is helpful that we are doing it as a quilt along so everyone can ask questions and get feedback on the Facebook group set up for the project.

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