Repeat After Me: Wonky is Good

Finally got the center piece, the Modern Medalion, done on the current quilt. The beauty of this pattern is that it is intentionally wonky, so that when you are unintentionally wonky, you can pass it off and smile. I’m smiling.

The colors are pretty and next up is the Plain Jane border and then some drunken geese. I INTEND my drunken geese to be quite confused in their formation. A couple other quilts in our quilt along have done fantastic examples of that – geese going in different directions, off center, etc… It looks fantastic so I want to do something similar.

Wish me luck as I continue my journey!




One thought on “Repeat After Me: Wonky is Good

  1. I like it! I read an essay in a knitting magazines about intentional mistakes. The writer’s grandmother always made two mistakes in everything she knit. One mistake was for the beauty of imperfection and the other for love. You cannot have a handcrafted item without them both. Since I read that article I have relaxed quite a bit. I can really see that beauty of imperfection in your project. Most awesome! Wonky is definitely good!

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