Big Stitch Quilting and Feline Jealousy

Feeling unsure of where to start? In the middle and work outward, I was told. Fair enough.

I followed Pepper Cory’s DVD class suggestion to place a pillow across my lap/edge of the table to rest my underneath hand/wrist. The hoop went on top and my left hand handles the needle from the top – because, of course, I am a leftie. I’m not just “left handed” – my left SIDE of my body is dominant. There is no faking it. So I set my stitches from left to right and everything seems to work properly.

The stitching isn’t going to earn any awards but I’m happy with it and I really love the process.

The supplies: The quilt top and backing fabric is all 100% cotton. The batting is Hobbs Tuscany Wool.  I  purchased the big stitch needle package, the Presencia Perle Cotton No.8 thread and a Hand Quilting DVD by Pepper Cory at

If you have never tried it, I encourage you to start with big stitch quilting. I’m loving the process which is the whole point.

My cat, however, is NOT loving it. There is no room for her to sit on my lap when the pillow, quilt and hoop is in place. I feel that she is looking daggers at the quilt and hope she doesn’t decide to chew an edge or something.

Small beginning

Small beginnings

2014-08-23 20.31.08

Close up of the stitching! Squeeeeeeeee!

Close up of the stitching! Squeeeeeeeee!



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