Mission Complete!

Finished Quilt

Finished Quilt

I took an extended break from the blog. The last half of 2014 was extremely busy and stressful. It was full of loss (three extended family members and my beloved Shadow, the cat) and medical issues (my shoulder has become more of an issue) but the new year was full of good news and new starts. Engagements and pets got the year off on a happy note.

Through it all I worked on my lovely quilt. It kept me busy and was a source of comfort. In April, I finally completed the last of the big stitch quilting and the binding. Our two new cats made it a challenge as they take their job as quilt inspectors so seriously they want to check each pin and bit of thread – by testing the strength through play. I had to get creative about keeping the cats from my hand work.

So… here is the finished project. Ta da…

Quilt passes inspection by Xander and Anya

Quilt passes inspection by Xander and Anya

I am entering this quilt in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival : Spring 2015 on Amy’s Creative Side’s blog. Please check out her blog and the links to the other quilts being entered. There are really lovely pieces of art shown. Very inspiring. http://amyscreativeside.com/blog

Thank you for your interest in my adventure. The rest of the year is full of pre-wedding events (two family members recently became engaged), trying to get my shoulder in a better condition – and – wait for it – the NEW quilt in progress. I will dish on the new project in my next post. For today, I want the attention to be on my wonky work of comfort. I love how it came out and I am sold on (1) wonky quits (2) big stitch quilting and (3) modern quilt patterns – the low value fabrics really added a lot to this quilt. I hope you like my piece. I love it.


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